Looking to Fill Your
40 Hours?

Students in Ontario need to complete 40 volunteer hours...

but that doesn't mean it should be a chore.

Have fun and get the most out of your hours by following these steps:

Think about yourself
what interests you.
Are there any skills you'd
like to learn or practice? 

Explore your options
on our website, there are
more ways to volunteer
than you think.

Get in touch with
non-profits and apply to
your favourite positions.


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Through volunteering I found out what I love to do, cooking. Everybody looks to me to help with the food or in the kitchen.


Volunteering allowed me to explore my potential and has developed me into the leader I am today.


What I love about volunteering is feeling empowered to create change.


Make the Most of Your Hours!

Use our 'Suitable for Youth' category to search!