Receive ongoing e-blasts with in need volunteer opportunities during COVID-19

Help Toronto Respond to COVID-19

Help Toronto Respond to COVID-19

Every Contribution Matters

The strength of our city—and our country—is in our capacity to come together during times of need. Everyone has a crucial role in reducing the impact of COVID-19. You can do more by exercising community safety, getting involved from home, and filling urgent roles to help our city’s most vulnerable. 

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Opportunities to Volunteer From Home and

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Community Safety

Receive ongoing e-blasts with in need volunteer opportunities during COVID-19

Community Safety

Torontonians Are Stepping Up

'We need to help': Meet the coronavirus 

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"From the day the first cases of COVID-19 were identified in Canada, Chinese Canadians — hundreds in Greater Toronto, hundreds more across Canada — have volunteered to [deliver groceries], organized through the social platform WeChat."


Photo: Vicky, Volunteer from Scarborough

How Canadians are helping each
other amid the COVID-19 outbreak

"In Canada, Facebook support groups are popping up throughout the country to give self-isolating neighbours the opportunity to both ask for and offer help.  Others are channelling their positivity into fan clubs for public health officials."

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Photo: Kari, creator of a COVID-19 support group

Coming soon: Resources will be made available to encourage the recognition of volunteers and healthcare workers on the frontlines during COVID-19. #SayThanks

Volunteer Advisors are Available

Are you a high school student looking to urgently fill your 40 hours for high school graduation? 

Do you want to learn more about volunteering remotely?

Volunteer Advisors are available by email or phone to answer questions and provide assistance as of Monday, March 23rd.