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November 24, 2020

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Volunteer engagement enables non-profits to increase organizational capacity and meet community needs. Harnessing volunteer interest is even more imperative in the current funding climate.

Access Volunteer Toronto's COVID-19 Library to learn how to adapt your program to safely engage volunteers for essential services (and more) in the community.

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Adapting the Volunteer Management Cycle

We'll help you consider a volunteer’s entire journey to ensure individuals are meaningfully and actively engaged in achieving your mission. Access our five 30-minute pre-recorded webinars to learn about adapting each part of the Volunteer Management Cycle during a pandemic.

Volunteers will absorb knowledge differently. Learn how to ensure your volunteers are properly equipped to meet your mission.

Orientation and

Learn why redeployment, ongoing communication, and managing burnout are key to supervising volunteers during the pandemic.

Retention and

How will you engage volunteers during the pandemic? Learn the key steps to planning for an adapted volunteer program.

Volunteer Program

What are the functions your volunteers will provide? Learn new considerations for designing remote and in person roles for our new reality.

Position Description

and Recruitment

Non-profits have a responsibility to provide fair, safe, and supportive practices for everyone involved. Learn about your Duty of Care.

Screening and Risk Management

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Volunteer Program Success Stories

Volunteer managers in every sector are looking to adapt their programs
and harness volunteer interest. Our Success Stories share innovative solutions non-profits have already adopted—check back often for new inspiration!

Tax clinics help low income individuals access important benefits. In a crucial time, The 519 developed a new, safe process for volunteers to provide virtual tax clinic support.

The 519:
Virtual Tax Clinic

Tens of thousands of Torontonians want to get involved during the pandemic. Volunteer Toronto was quick to adapt our Volunteer Advisor program to meet community needs remotely.

Volunteer Toronto:

Remote Volunteer Advisors

Alternative Engagement: 
Notes of Hope Program

Engaging Volunteers that
Miss a Sense of Community

In an effort to retain hundreds of volunteers, the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities has created an alternative engagement program to enhance Meals on Wheels deliveries. 

Their older volunteers missed a sense of community, so the Harbourfront Centre developed an outreach program by harnessing the power of experienced volunteers to create something new.

Quick Reference Tools and Learning

Tools and knowledge are what you need to adapt volunteer programs today. We're bringing you the latest COVID-19 volunteer engagement information in the easiest formats possible.

Should your organization engage volunteers to provide essential services in person? Learn about screening to reduce risk and community spread. 

Volunteer Screening for
In-Person Services

What's the role of Police Checks and Vulnerable Sector Screening in protecting volunteers and program participants? Find out.

Police Checks for

Forging strong relationships with volunteers over video can be hard. Use our digital game to help facilitate community-—and fun—virtually.

BRINGO Digital Game for Volunteers

New Program Policies
and Procedures

What are the must-haves for new policies? Use this resource to start developing new safety or inclusion policies and procedures for your volunteer program.

Read about the benefits to
creating synchronous events — scheduling multiple volunteers for regular virtual shifts.

Virtual Roles

While often uncomfortable or difficult, it is vital to set boundaries, especially when health and safety or discrimination is a key consideration. Learn more.

Boundaries & Change

While assessing your program, it is important to consider a broader definition of engagement and refine your understanding of the community you wish to grow.

Planning for


Virtual engagement with minors has become a common reality. As volunteer managers, plans to reduce risk must be incorporated into role development.

Virtual Youth Volunteers:

Safety & Privacy

As COVID-19 has threatened the health and safety of the general public, the City of Toronto has created new by-laws to enforce safety measures.

COVID-19 By-Laws

Access our 10-minute webinar to learn precautions and planning that must go into volunteer engagement in a healthcare setting during COVID-19 and beyond.

Hospital and Healthcare
Volunteer Engagement

We recently co-hosted a Facebook LIVE with volunteer managers and volunteers from driver programs. Read to hear some insights from the group.

A Conversation About
Volunteer Driving

Non-profit groups looking to create, improve, and enhance their youth (under 18) virtual volunteering programming can access a new playbook available as of November 26, 2020.

Youth Virtual Volunteer
Engagement Playbook

Building Non-Profit Capacity

Volunteer Toronto is actively helping non-profits engage volunteers during the pandemic. Access our new capacity building services for non-profits by clicking below:

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Grassroots Library

Coming Soon

Volunteer Toronto is continuing our partnership with the Toronto Association of Volunteer Administrators (TAVA) to host digital events for members.

More than 50% of active volunteers are supporting new volunteer-run grassroots groups.

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