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Volunteer engagement enables non-profits to increase organizational capacity and meet community needs. Harnessing volunteer interest is even more imperative in the current funding climate.

Access Volunteer Toronto's COVID-19 Library to learn how to adapt your program to safely engage volunteers for essential services (and more) in the community.



Adapting the Volunteer Management Cycle

We'll help you consider a volunteer’s entire journey to ensure individuals are meaningfully and actively engaged in achieving your mission. Access our five 30-minute pre-recorded webinars to learn about adapting each part of the Volunteer Management Cycle during a pandemic.

  • Volunteer Program Planning
  • Position Description and Recruitment
  • Screening and Risk Management
  • Orientation and Training
  • Retention and Recognition

Volunteer Program Success Stories

Volunteer managers in every sector are looking to adapt their programs
and harness volunteer interest. Our Success Stories share innovative solutions non-profits have already adopted.

Quick Reference Tools and Learning

Tools and knowledge are what you need to adapt volunteer programs today. We're bringing you the latest COVID-19 volunteer engagement information in the easiest formats possible. Explore these topics:

  • Volunteer Screening for In-Person Services
  • Police Checks for Volunteer Screening
  • BRINGO Digital Game for Volunteers
  • New Program Policies and Procedures
  • Communicating Boundaries & Change
  • Planning for Engagement
  • Essential Volunteer Letter (Word/PDF)
  • Applying COVID-19 By-Laws
  • Upholding New COVID-19 Safety Rules
  • Hospital and Healthcare Volunteer Engagement
  • A Conversation About Volunteer Driving
  • Youth Virtual Volunteer Engagement Playbook
  • Virtual Youth Volunteers: Safety & Privacy
  • Strategizing Virtual Roles
  • Virtually Onboarding Volunteers
  • Virtual Volunteer Conflict
  • Virtual Mentorship Programs
  • Maintaining Privacy & Data Security
  • Capturing Volunteer Stories
  • Increase Donations by Stewarding Volunteers
  • Volunteers & Vaccinations

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