Looking To Volunteer This Holiday Season?

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The Holidays Are A Great Time To Volunteer, But...

Most positions are filled months before December and regular volunteers are often relied on for the popular shifts so everything goes smoothly when it gets most chaotic. However, there is a better way to give back meaningfully.

Become An Every Day Champion

An every day champion is someone who signs up for a regular volunteer role, because that’s what’s needed most. Here are some of the reasons why you should volunteer ongoing, not just once this holiday season:

Gain a better understanding of your community

Experience a stronger sense of belonging

Make a more meaningful impact

Volunteers Who Have Been There

Raja was looking to make new friends. He found a volunteer role at a senior’s home every Saturday. This Christmas, he's excited to celebrate the season with his new friends.

Sonia was offered a holiday volunteer position last year, if she signed on for at least 3-months. This December, she celebrates one-year of making a meaningful impact as a regular volunteer.  

Luis wants to teach his family the importance of giving back this holiday season. Together, they wrote letters thanking their postal worker, TTC drivers and crosswalk guards.    

The Holiday Season Is The Perfect Time To Give Back